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TOOL TALK - a virtual happy hour networking event

Thurs., November 12th
5:00 pm MT - 6:00 pm MT
(GMT -6)

Session Description

Let's talk about tools we use in our field! Whether it's design or delivery, we all have a bag of tools we use to engage our learners and improve learning transfer. Maybe it's an online whiteboard animation tool, branching, scenarios, ways to communicate visually or....there's so many tools!  This hour is dedicated to talking with other learning and development professionals and adding tools to our tool bag. 

Session Speaker

Onboarding Experience Manager, Talent Development

Andrea Willaert is leading the design and execution of a virtual onboarding experience for AECOM. She has partnered with organizations to achieve their strategic goals in organizational effectiveness, data and analytics, talent and performance, delivery leadership, operations, and technology implementations. Andrea brings a breadth of experience in designing and implementing learning programs, change management strategies, and employee experience.

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