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Producing Your Own Training Videos

  • Tuesday, November 13, 2012
  • 3:00 PM - 4:30 PM
  • Colorado Springs Marriott, 5580 Tech Center Drive, Colorado Springs, CO 80919


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Produce Your Own Training videos

Training video production with iMovie made simple

Happen to have an extra $20,000 to produce a training video for your company? Guessing your budget might be as tight as mine… so that would be a big fat “NO!”  Well, the good news is that you don't need nearly that much.  You just need a willingness to learn, a bit of creativity, some commons sense and possibly a couple of techy teenagers to ask advice of, and you too can produce a high quality video in which you and your company can be proud.

About a year ago, after attending a session at a conference on this very subject, I set aside all my technological anxieties and produced my first training video on my iPhone. I’ve now produced about 10 videos on an iPad using a mix of video and still shots. While I’m no digital native who grew up with a laptop in my crib (maybe a whole lot like you), I have learned a ton over the last year and feel like I’m ready to share. We’ll talk about movie making basics, iMovie production and file sharing.

Additionally, I’d also like to start a local “Special Interest Group” within our Pikes Peak Chapter on iMovie production… so we can help each other problem solve and share creativity… so we can get that rolling at the meeting as well.







Here are three employee education videos I've created on iMovie to support one of our web sites. While you'll see other examples in class that are more training specific... these will give you a good feel for the type and quality of work you too can do with an iPad and an app....




About the Speaker:

Joel Lamoreaux is an Organization Effectiveness Consultant for Deluxe, Corp. He and his teammate develop leadership training and talent management programs for the company’s 1,500 leaders and managers.


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