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Engage Me! Practical Tips for Engaging Employees

  • Tuesday, September 08, 2015
  • 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM
  • Peak Vista, 2828 International Circle, Bonanza Rm.


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Understanding your employees' strengths and opportunities can be an overwhelming task, but it's essential to your company's success. As a leader, you need to see how strengths, skills and job tasks align to create a successful project. You may have a great employee that is being under-utilized or is put in a position where he/she has to rely on his/her opportunities. These types of situations bring down productivity and the overall success of your organization.


We will discuss techniques on how to place the right person in the right position to increase project success, as well as what to do if you have someone who isn't performing. After this session you will better understand the importance of employee engagement, as well as how to increase employee engagement in your workplace.


Many leaders find themselves frustrated with the productivity they get out of their employees. What they don't realize is the lack of results is often a result of their leadership. In this presentation the audience will learn the importance of:   

  • Employee selection: How do you find the right person for the job? A great employee doesn't necessarily mean they are great for that position.
  • Setting expectations: Why are your employees not meeting expectations and how do you correct it?     
  • Accountability: An expectation without accountability just creates frustration. How do you ensure that your expectations are being met while still making the employee feel valued?
  • Recognition: Recognition is more than just a once a year activity. What role does recognition play in employee motivation? How do you motivate in a way that is meaningful?   

Participants will gain immediate takeaways they can add to their leadership toolkit. They will gain a better understanding of how their leadership directly impacts the productivity of their organizations.



Jana Axline, PMP, CSM, has a Bachelors of Science in International Business and a Masters of Business Administration in Finance. It was during her Masters program Jana discovered her passion for leadership and project management. She has worked in many different industries, allowing her to see leadership in various forms. At Target, Jana became a student of employee engagement, seeking to understand what keeps employees happy and what could be done to reduce employee turnover. She became an IT enterprise program manager at Cigna where she headed up multi-million dollar programs. Now, Jana is the Chief Project Officer at Axline Solutions; an organization that helps companies implement their great ideas. She is the author of "Becoming You" -- a guide to building your personal strategy. Jana travels internationally speaking on employee engagement, strategic planning and other leadership topics.


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