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21st Century Critical Thinking in the Corporate World

  • Tuesday, November 11, 2014
  • 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM
  • Harrison High School, Zalman Center, 2755 Janitell Road, Colorado Springs, CO 80906


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21st Century Critical Thinking in the Corporate World

The next generation of employees have already entered our workforce, and more are coming. That is not in question of course. The question is in reality, “How have you adapted your approach to learning and development for these new employees, who are referred to as “digital natives,” while remaining true to the other generation’s needs.

Statement of Philosophy for the 21st Century Program at Harrison High School

We believe that the 21st Century learner will require innovative skills and aptitudes to meet the demands of a globalized society in the next 10-15 years.

In response to this belief we have committed ourselves to teaching students skills/curriculum to become active learners that critically think and construct knowledge from resources through technology and experiences in a ‘global’ classroom.

The 21st Century Program at Harrison High School has revolutionized the way students are taught with critical thinking as the cornerstone, which is used interdisciplinary with all other courses. The 21st Century is a true implementation of educational reform. A variety of non-traditional methods and disciplines enable students to prepare for interaction in the real world through a variety of problem-solving and decision-making techniques. Many districts across the country visited the program to model their approach to true educational reform after its structure and outcomes.

So, what if you could use this same methodology to teach your managers and business leaders to use critical thinking in your business environment and strengthen leadership decision making? Join Harrison’s Rick Freehling as he overviews key concepts from the program and translates them from use in the high school classroom to the corporate training world.

This session offers a unique opportunity to:

  • See how the next generation of learning is being taught to critically think
  • Talk directly to those learners about their experience in this unique program
  • Hear ideas from teens about how to translate how they learn to your training programs
  • Give back to our community by visiting the classroom and sharing your experiences

Additionally, you’ll be joined at lunch by students from the program, so you can learn directly from them regarding their learning experience. And, those same students will be returning for a follow-up session in February – where they will have a chance to report out on a special assignment they will be given – based on your input. Before you leave the session, you’ll be asked to submit your most pressing business challenge where improved critical thinking by your leadership could make a big impact. Small groups will then decide on a problem and come back to make recommendations on how to help your leaders grow their ability to address that issue. We will also be looking for volunteers to visit the classroom and speak with students on those very problems so they can better understand the challenge before they make their recommendations.

Our speaker for November: Rick Freehling, 21st Century Department Chair Rick Freehling was born and raised in Denver, Colorado. He attended Regis Jesuit High School and went on to play baseball for Creighton University and spent two years in the minor leagues with the Florida Marlins organization. Rick began his teaching career in 2002 with Harrison School District 2 at Carmel Middle School, where he taught regular education social studies and math at the 6th grade level. In 2007, Rick was selected as one of seven teachers to implement the 21st Century “Pilot” Program at Carmel, with the intent to grow the program through high school. From 2011 until the present, Rick has been the Department Chair for the 21st Century Program. In 2012, Rick received exemplary status as a teacher in Harrison School District 2, a level that only nine out of 760 teachers have reached. Rick taught Math/Science Reasoning, World Economics and Globalization, Critical Thinking and Reasoning, and Critical Thinking in American Government.

Lunch will be served and included in the cost of this event.

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